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Achieving Moments is a Photo Fundraising organization. We visit your school or organization with professional photographers and give a full photoshoot experience to each student individually. We specialize in professional group and individual photography and event video for large groups of people, such as sports leagues, schools, and dance and gymnastics studios. Gone are the times on one photo headshot of your student sneezing and unhappy parents. Your parents will have the opportunity to choose any additional photos that they would be interested in as well. Your school or organization has the ability to get 5% of all initial sales and 15% of all additional sales.

We take pride in our talented team of photographers, editors, and high-end cameras and lighting equipment!

How We Distinguish Ourselves From The Competition.

Achieving Moments is unique because of our efficient shooting and production style, allowing us to spend the needed time to take multiple photos and poses of each individual while getting the most out of every photo. The highly trained professionals at Achieving Moments treat each child’s portrait as if they were their own child that parents and loved ones are able to choose from.

The Fundraising Aspect

Achieving Moments is a Fundraiser like no other. We offer packages for each student or family portrait sessions. Non-profit organization portrait sessions are free and include a high-quality 8×10 printed photo. For-profit organization portrait sessions are at $25.00 and include a high-quality 8×10 printed photo. For dance students, the cost is $15.00 per costume and each costume includes a 4×6 high quality printed photo. Your school or organization receives 5% of the initial package sale. Each client can expect an email with secure login information to share with their friends and family of your private photos only. The login will give them access to the best photos that were taken with the option to purchase additional prints or a download of all photos taken. With additional print or download purchases, your organization will receive 15%. Here is the best part, many photography studios would charge your organization to come in to take the photos, then charge the parents for the prints. Your organization pays nothing out of pocket. All of our fees are covered in the initial package resulting in more money to your organization. We will invite all members of the organization to come in for a large group photo plus smaller group photos at no cost with a free download link. The organization can expect free prints of all the group photos taken. This is definitely a positive experience you can expect from Achieving Moments.

Upcoming Events

Attention parents of Saint Stanislaus and parishioners within the Catholic Community of Central Fall River. You are all invited to have your family portraits taken free of charge plus one free 8×10 print!  Reserve your time by registering on this webpage,  after Mass at all four parishes within the Catholic Community of Fall River or call the school office. The event is November 16th & 17th 9 AM – 5 PM 2019.

Schedule your 15 Minute appointments by clicking here.

Think of a few poses you would like.

How it works the day of an event

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

All are invited to look at the computer monitors to view and approve the photos as they are taken.

Students can reserve a photo session. If most of the time slots get filled, we will add additional photographers.  within 48 hours, we will text or email you a private gallery link to all the photos you approved during the photo session.

Recent Event Gallery

Samples from the Strive Gymnastics photo event

Gymnastics Session Suggestions

Think of a few poses you would like.

Light-colored clothing is best for the contrast against a black backdrop.

Strive Gymnastics & Fitness Team Photos and Holiday Party

Our gift to you! Click on the photo below to view and download any of the holiday party photos free of charge.

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